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Greg Smith first learned about communication-based leadership from his grandfather and father’s stewardship of their family business in Youngstown, Ohio. Over the years, Greg watched them successfully manage a diverse workforce during both good and bad economic times. Greg currently serves as chairman of the board at Compco Industries; the steel products company his grandfather founded in 1954.

In 1996, Greg reluctantly attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. It was there he was introduced to John C. Maxwell, who became his friend, mentor and leadership teacher.

This was when Greg realized his love of leadership, and this passion became his mission. Today, he is devoted to empowering others to lead with a focus on training tomorrow’s excellent public speakers and presenters.

In 2018, Greg authored the ultimate guide for improving public speaking and presentation skills: Speak Like a Pro without Looking Like a Jack@$$.

Greg earned an MBA in Executive Leadership from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and has begun his doctoral study in Leadership at Regent University. Greg is a Founding Member of John C. Maxwell Team, has studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Tony Robbins, Bill Thomason and Jonathan Altfeld. Greg developed his public speaking expertise working alongside John Maxwell, Bo Eason, Roger Love, Jonathan Altfeld, Kymberlee Weil and Mary Kincaid. He is also a Gallup Organization Strengths Performance Coach and is one of 150 TAI Certified Performance Development Coaches in the world.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Greg is a director emeritus on the board for the Bruce Lee Foundation and is a sixth-degree black belt in Kenpo Martial Arts.

Greg lives in Poland, Ohio. He is married and has four children.

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