Personal Coaching

Work on the leadership and communications issues that matter most to you - highly individualized

·  Work with Greg on the leadership and communications issues that matter most to you - highly individualized

·  You decide how many sessions to achieve your objective- no contracted minimum

·  Areas of expertise: talent assessment, skill building, values & culture, leadership, public speaking, interpersonal communications, storytelling, video & radio

·  Sessions via video conferencing

·  Scheduling based on participant’s availability

·  Total investment- $300 per one- hour session (prorated)

Personal Coaching Package


·  10 one-on-one hour-long sessions with Greg via video conferencing 

·  Scheduling based on participant’s availability

·  Customized sessions on subjects that can include: voice quality, voice impact, quality of message, greater presentation skills, greater vocal charisma, voice and breathing management (a bigger problem than most think) and more

·  Total investment- $2,000

Vocal Catalyst Mastermind


Building your influential identity from the ground up!

·  Sessions will begin April 22, 2019

·  Limited to 4 to 6 participants committed to becoming master communicators

o 10 monthly live sessions

o Participants are sent a Pro-D assessment and survey to complete before session one

o A one-one-one meeting with Greg to discuss your assessment results- scheduled around participant availability 

o Sessions are Intense lessons and activities covering a broad range of key communications issues: voice & body control, structuring presentations, use of emotional content to develop rapport and establish connections, content generation, personal story telling, optimizing video and broadcast opportunities, leadership communications, small and large group communications, organizational values and culture and more

o Sessions are half-day events- 9:30AM - 12:30PM EST

·  Guided tasks with feedback to maximize ROI

·  Total investment- $5,000 per participant. Includes all course materials and assessment fees